About us

About Portugal B2B

The goal of the Portugal B2B is to establish a strong relationship in different sectors between the Portuguese companies and ME market and deliver them international high-quality services.

Portugal B2B  is web portal promote the Portuguese companies to middle east market in a professional way.

So the ME company can search on Portuguese suppliers in the Arabic language.

And Portuguese supplier expand their market to new region without any language barriers.


Rebuild the Trading bridge between Portuguese market and Middle East market.


To be the best source for any Portuguese product in the ME.

Why Portugal B2B?

  • It is Portuguese company so it is in touch with Portuguese supplier directly.
  • The team is Arabic and Portuguese so they understand exactly the Middle East Mapmentality of ME and Portuguese companies.
  • The Arabic language is a problem for Portuguese so we make it easy, we will translate the company overview and the products to Arabic and English languages.
  • Portuguese products have very good quality but the marketing methods to ME are not succeed because of culture and business methods are very different.
  • Cutting the cost by using the technology.

How is Portugal B2B working?

How is portugal B2B working

Benefits For Buyer 

  • Reduce the cost of the products.Business in ME
  • High-Quality products and European.
  • Reduce the time wasting in searching on suppliers in multi sources.
  • Verified supplier so raise the trustiness in the suppliers and products.
  • All the events are displayed in the portal so you can attend it easily.
  • Business opportunities also to buy some products at very low cost.

Benefits For Supplier  

  • Reduce the cost of traveling, meetings, and exhibitions.Portuguese Businessman
  • Translate the Company Page to Arabic and English so the market exposure will be high.
  • ME market is huge and Portugal suppliers are absent so it is very good opportunity to expand Portuguese market.
  • Portugal B2B will display the business opportunities in the portal so you can easily communicate with the requester.